People who have a sweet-tooth generally have a very new definition of cravings. They may ignore the most scrumptious delicacies available in the world out there, but saying no to some sweet-stuff seems in be impossible to them. Well, if you too have fondness for confectionary items, watch it, as this small post may ignite some serious cravings in you. Today, we have talked to our expert chefs of a leading Bali cooking class and asked top 3 sweet treats that are loved globally by sweet-fiends and regular foodies alike. Have a read and see if you want to explore our recipe right away-

  • Bubur Sumsum – coconut rice porridge

If you’ve ever been to Bali, we bet you must have tried this exotic traditional Indonesian dessert. Rice flour and coconut milk are the key ingredients which are complemented by gula Bali (palm sugar) and salt to conjure a remarkable taste. The dish is taught in special advanced class of Bali cooking school.

  • Klepon- sweet rice balls

Also sometimes called onde-onde, klepon is authentic colored balls of rice cake that are immensely admired for its subtle flavor. This is one of the best Asian-themed foods that is traditionally served in some banana leaf platter/container.

  • Pisang Goreng – banana fritters

Ever thought of tasting Indonesian banana fritters? Well, here it is- pisang goring, a toothsome Balinese treat which will transport you to the world of sprawling flavors. To taste the best, it is served steaming hot, next to a bowl of vanilla-bean ice cream.

If you wish to savor these, head to Bali and discover the most appetizing versions of these delicacies. Alternatively, you can also join a cooking class in Ubud and learn how to cook these and more on your own. If you wish to join a class, connect with Balinese Farm Cooking School. Our community-based school is perfect place to learn traditional sweets & savories coming from the land of Bali. To know more, visit