Bali Night Market and Food Tours

Bali Night Market & Food Tours in Ubud

Bali Night Market Food Tour offers an immersive experience, where you’ll discover hidden gems, taste traditional delicacies, and engage with friendly locals.

Bali Night Market & Food Tours

  • Pick-up time: 4:00 pm
  • Tasting and dinner: 5:00 pm -> 7:00 pm
  • Leave the market: 7:15 pm
  • Price: Rp 750.000
  • 5h duration
  • Ubud free shuttle
  • Class run in English

Why Choose The Bali Night Market & Food Tours?

Bali Night Market and Food Tours
  • Savor Authentic Flavors: Taste traditional Balinese street food, from savory Nasi Goreng to sweet Jaja Bali, in Ubud’s lively night market.
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience Balinese culture up close, with food as your guide through vibrant traditions and community life.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from knowledgeable guides who offer insider tips and insights into the local cuisine and customs.
  • Social Interaction: Enjoy the communal atmosphere, meet new people, and share the joy of discovering new flavors together.
  • Memorable Adventure: Create lasting memories as you explore the sensory delights of a traditional Balinese night market.

The Bali Night Market & Food Tours commences at 4:00 pm. All you have to do is ensure that join us at the designated meeting spot At 4 pm.

Bali Night Market & Food Tours

Embark on a culinary journey through Ubud’s vibrant night market, where the tantalizing scents of Balinese spices and sizzling street food beckon.

Our Bali Night Market Food Tour is an immersive adventure that takes you deep into the heart of Balinese cuisine.

Discover hidden gems, taste traditional delicacies, and engage with friendly locals as you navigate the bustling market.

How The Bali Night Market & Food Tours Work

*Free Shuttle Services is Included
**Meet us at designated meeting point 15 minutes before 4:00 pm

free shuttle service from ubud

Using Free Shuttle From Ubud Meeting Point

The day starts with our pick-up in Ubud meeting point at 4:00 pm

Meeting Time:
(15 minutes) before 4:00 pm

Meeting Location:
Pura Dalem Puri Peliatan

F7R9+8P2, Jalan Sukma Kesuma Jalan Raya Ubud Tebesaya, Petulu, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Location Map:
Click HERE for location

Planning Your Night Market Food Tour In Ubud

Taman Dukuh Food Tours - satay seller

night market in Ubud

The night market in Ubud is steeped in tradition, offering a cultural experience that reflects the local lifestyle.

As the sun sets, the market comes alive with colorful stalls, enticing aromas, and the buzz of locals and tourists mingling together.

Open most evenings from around 4 pm, it’s a vibrant scene where you can witness the rhythmic dance of Balinese life.

Choosing The Right Food Tour

When selecting a night market food tour in Ubud, consider your preferences and travel style. There are two main options to choose from:

  1. Private Tours: Ideal for those seeking a personalized experience, private tours allow you to customize your itinerary to focus on specific dishes or dietary requirements. You’ll have the undivided attention of your guide, who can offer deeper insights into Balinese culinary traditions.
  2. Group Tours: Joining a group tour can be a great way to meet fellow food enthusiasts and share the experience with like-minded travelers. Group tours often offer a fun and social atmosphere, allowing you to discover the night market’s culinary delights together.
Taman Dukuh Food Tours - corn seller

What Makes Ubud’s Night Market Unique?

Exploring The Local Flavors

Balinese cuisine is a beautiful tapestry of flavors, influenced by the island’s abundant natural resources and diverse cultural heritage.

The unique combination of spices, fresh ingredients, and cooking techniques creates a taste sensation that is both vibrant and unforgettable.

Every bite tells a story of Balinese culture and tradition.

Cultural Experience Beyond Food

While the focus of a night market food tour is undoubtedly the culinary delights, there’s much more to discover beyond the food stalls.

The Ubud night market offers a cultural experience that extends beyond the plate.

Meeting The Locals

One of the highlights of a night market food tour is the opportunity to meet and interact with the vendors themselves.

The friendly locals are passionate about their cuisine and take pride in sharing their culinary heritage with visitors.

Strike up a conversation, ask questions about their dishes, and gain insights into their cooking techniques. 

A Guide To Ubud Night Market Delicacies

Taman Dukuh Food Tours - Roasted Pork seller

Street Food Staples

No visit to Ubud’s night market would be complete without indulging in the following street food staples:

  1. Nasi Goreng: This quintessential Balinese dish is a flavorful fried rice dish cooked with a mix of spices, vegetables, and your choice of protein. It’s often topped with a fried egg and served with prawn crackers for an added crunch.
  2. Satay: Skewered and grilled meats, such as chicken, beef, or pork, marinated in a sweet and savory sauce. Satay is typically served with peanut sauce, steamed rice, and a side of fresh cucumber and onions.
  3. Babi Guling: A famous Balinese specialty, Babi Guling is a succulent roasted pig stuffed with a fragrant blend of herbs and spices. It’s typically served with steamed rice, crispy skin, and a side of lawar (a traditional Balinese vegetable salad) and sambal matah (a chili condiment).

Refreshing Drinks And Snacks

As you explore the vibrant night market, quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings with these popular Balinese refreshments and snacks:

  • Es Daluman: This refreshing drink is made from green jelly derived from the leaves of the hibiscus plant, mixed with coconut milk and served over ice. It offers a cool respite on warm tropical nights.
  • Gorengan: A mix of deep-fried snacks, including tofu, tempeh, sweet potato fritters, and banana fritters. These crispy treats are commonly enjoyed as a quick and tasty snack or accompaniment to a meal.
Taman Dukuh Food Tours - Nasi Campur seller

Sweet Treats And Desserts

After savoring the savory delights, make sure to save room for these delectable Balinese desserts:

  1. Jaja Bali: These bite-sized traditional Balinese cakes come in an array of flavors, colors, and shapes. Made from sticky rice flour, palm sugar, and coconut, they are often steamed or grilled and served as part of religious ceremonies or festive celebrations.
  2. Pisang Rai: A delightful treat made from bananas wrapped in rice flour dough, flavored with coconut and palm sugar, and steamed until tender. The result is a soft, sweet, and aromatic dessert that will melt in your mouth.

Making The Most Of Your Night Market Food Tour

Taman Dukuh Food Tours - Offering seller

Engage With The Community

One of the most rewarding aspects of a night market food tour is the opportunity to engage with the local community. Make the most of your experience by:

  • Asking Questions: Don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with vendors and learn about their culinary techniques, family recipes, or personal stories. Their passion for their craft will shine through their interactions, creating a more enriching experience.
  • Trying New Things: Step out of your comfort zone and sample dishes you might not have encountered before. Be adventurous and embrace the diverse flavors and textures that Balinese cuisine has to offer.
  • Sharing the Experience: Engage with fellow tour participants and share your thoughts on the dishes you try. Food has a way of bringing people together, and you may find yourself bonding over a shared love for Balinese cuisine.
Taman Dukuh Food Tours - Banana seller

Capture The Moments

Don’t forget to document your night market food tour to relive the memories later. Here are a few tips for capturing the best moments:

  • Photographing the Food: Balinese cuisine is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Capture the vibrant colors, intricate presentation, and mouthwatering details of the dishes before you indulge. Experiment with different angles and lighting to showcase the culinary artistry.
  • Immersing in the Atmosphere: Take pictures of the bustling night market, the colorful stalls, and the energetic atmosphere. Capture the smiles of the locals, the steam rising from sizzling pans, and the tantalizing aromas that fill the air. These images will transport you back to the vibrant energy of the night market.

Join Us for the Night Market & Food Tours

Embarking on a Bali night market food tour in Ubud is more than just eating—it’s about embracing the Balinese way of life. So book your tour today and prepare for an unforgettable journey through taste and tradition.