Ubud Cooking Class with Traditional Morning Market Visit (See reviews, prices and photos)

Morning Bali Cooking Class review: Guests experience in a Balinese cooking class in Ubud

With over a decade of experience teaching the art of cooking on our farm, we’ve welcomed countless customers seeking an authentic Balinese Cooking Class during their stay in Ubud, Bali.

What draws them to us?

In their quest for an enriching culinary experience, they seek classes that are local, authentic, affordable, and offer cultural insights.

Our morning Bali Cooking Class ticks all these boxes.

In this post, you’ll discover authentic reviews from our cherished customers, unveiling the true essence of our Bali Cooking Class experience.

The cooking class was amazing. The staff describes every step and made it easy to cook.

If you love cooking and get to know the Indonesian / Balinese fruits, vegetables and the way of cooking in Bali, I highly recommend going to Taman Dukuh Farm Cooking School!

In the morning class you first visit the local market which is worth going to. The guide will introduce you to some new fruits which you can try.

After that you go to their farm which is in the heart of a jungle and you feel relaxed and comfortable there instantly.

They have a great farm. Before cooking you harvest some vegetables for your own.

The cooking class was amazing. The staff describes every step and made it easy to cook. The menus are great! You don’t feel hungry afterwards.

You should go there and have a great experience! Thank you to the staff and the amazing time!

Julia Leining

join the morning class on 2023.12.03

Best of Balinese Cooking in The Morning in Ubud

We had an incredible time at the Taman Dukah Farm Cooking School. We started the morning off with a tour of local markets and an opportunity to learn about and try some local fruits, vegetables and spices then we traveled to the farm which is so beautiful.

Our guides were amazing so knowledgeable and fun. We had a tour of their crops and were given the opportunity to pick some of the ingredients for our cooking lesson direct from the garden.

My partner and I elected to cook vegetarian meals we made 4 dishes altogether and they were delicious. I would highly recommend doing this whilst in Ubud.

My partner is not a cook and was apprehensive but he thought it was one of the best things we have ever done on our many trips to Bali.

Brett M

join the morning class on 2023.10.22

The kitchen set up is really professional and efficient and everyone in our group had a great day.

This cooking class is fantastic. The guides/cooking instructors are enthusiastic, patient and knowledgeable. The farm itself is in a beautiful location with great views.

You get to pick your own veg and use it later in the day, as well as visit a market in the morning. The food is amazing, the only downside is that it’s nearly impossible to eat it all!

The kitchen set up is really professional and efficient and everyone in our group had a great day. 10/10 experience, would gladly go again.

Ellen Carter

join the morning class on 2023.11.21

Our guest Steve Arnott when we visit the local market

Taman Dukuh Bali Farm Cooking Class review: practicalities


Taman Dukuh Bali Farm Cooking Class located in Taro, a quaint village merely 18 km north of Ubud, Bali. Specifically designed for Ubud-based enthusiasts, our complimentary transportation service from the designated meeting point ensures easy access. For guests staying elsewhere on the island, alternative transportation arrangements can be organized either independently or through us for an added convenience.


Taman Dukuh Bali Farm Cooking Class, providing an array of sessions tailored to suit different schedules and preferences. With three distinct sessions—morning (7.30am to 1.30pm), afternoon (12.30pm to 6.00pm), and evening (4.00pm to 9.00pm)—this cooking experience offers flexibility to fit into your day. The highlight of the morning session is an exclusive visit to the local wet market, operational only from 6 to 9am, an enriching experience not included in the later sessions.


The culinary experience priced at only 450,000 IDR (approximately 29€) for the afternoon class and 480,000 IDR (approximately 31€) for the morning class. This incredible offer encompasses transportation from a designated meeting point, a vibrant market exploration (applicable to the morning session), the enriching class itself, all necessary ingredients, a satisfying meal featuring your culinary creations, and unlimited servings of water, coffee, and tea.


Each class hosts up to 14 people with at least 2 cooking instructors. If there are more guests, the market tour divides into smaller groups. This way, you get more attention and a chance to bond with others, making your culinary experience in Ubud, Bali, even more enjoyable.

Taman Dukuh Bali Farm Cooking Class review: market visit

Exploring markets is a big hit with our cooking class participants. It helps them understand where ingredients come from, makes the experience feel more authentic, and simplifies finding similar items later or once you get back home. Plus, it introduces them to unique ingredients they’ll find on the farm and use in the class later.

flower seller at tegallalang traditional market
vegetables seller at pujung traditional market
our guide explaining spices in the market tours

Taman Dukuh Cooking Class review: the “organic farm tours”

It was the best cooking class that we have ever done

When we arrived at the farm we started with a tour through the garden to harvest our vegetables for cooking and learn how all these vegetables grow here in Bali.

In the advanced cooking class we had the chance to cook 10 dishes which was a wonderful way of discovering the Balinese cuisine!

Our guide Ketut explained as all the details of the recipes and how to treat specific ingredients, which was very insightful. She also helped us together with Monica to prepare the ingredients. It felt like cooking with friends, which was wonderful !

The entire day was so well organized and prepared and we had a lot of helping hands that supported us along the cooking journey and all very very friendly and interested in who we are and what we do.

This was by far the best cooking experience we ever had and I can only recommend to everyone to book this class!!

The food was delicious and we will for sure come back!

Stéphanie Flipo

joined morning advanced cooking class on 2023.12.08

welcoming you to our bali farm cooking school at Taman Dukuh Agroforestry
the cooking is located in the middle of organic farm in ubud

AMAZING experience during this organic cooking class !!!

I can honestly say we had an AMAZING experience during this organic cooking class !!! We visited the morning market and picked our own veggies from the organic farm.

Deren and Widika were our guides and instructors who have a lot of knowledge and are super relaxed.

I would recomend this cooking class to everybody. O yeah the food is bloody amazing as well ❤️

Stéphanie Flipo

joined morning cooking class on 2023.12.05

finding and tasting raw cocoa beans during at Taman Dukuh Agroforestry
harvesting some green veggies for salad at Taman Dukuh Farm
fresh picked veggies from the farm tours

Taman Dukuh Cooking Class review: the “classroom”


It was the best cooking class that we have ever done

We did the advanced cooking class including market tour. It was the best cooking class that we have ever done (and we did already some in Thailand, and Laos).

The location, in the middle of the jungle, is a little oasis of paradise, beautifully situated and so peaceful. We couldn’t imagine a better place for a cooking class.

When walking over the market with our wonderful guide Ketut we discovered delicious Balinese fruits and breakfast snacks.


Stéphanie Flipo

joined morning advanced cooking class on 2023.12.08

open air building for the class room from outside
open air building for the class room

Taman Dukuh Bali Cooking Class review: the cooking

Now, let’s uncover what awaits in this Taman Dukuh Class review: What’s on the menu? In this cooking session, you’ll learn to craft 5 main/side dishes and 1 dessert, along with a versatile sauce (bumbu bali paste) that complements several recipes. That’s a total of 7 recipes—an impressive and varied lineup for a class like this, promising an enjoyable culinary adventure through Balinese flavors.

 Regular (non-vegan menus)

  • Base Gede (Traditional Spice Paste): Balinese cooking’s heart with this essential blend of traditional spices paste.

  • Sayur Urab (Mixed Green Salad with Coconut and Spice): Refreshing mix of greens combined with coconut and tantalizing spices.

  • Opor Ayam (Balinese Chicken Curry): Fragrant and flavorsome rendition of chicken curry, rich with Balinese spices.

  • Sate Lilit (Traditional Balinese Kebab): Bali’s unique kebab, crafted from chicken meat and a blend of local spices.

  • Chicken Sambal Matah (Chicken with Raw Sauce): Tender chicken complemented by zesty raw sauce.

  • Tempe Asam Manis (Sweet and Sour Tempe): The contrasting sweet and sour flavors of this tempeh dish.

  • Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters with Coconut and Melted Palm Sugar) or Black Rice Pudding: Crispy banana fritters with coconut and palm sugar or the sweet allure of black rice pudding, *based on availability.

regular or non-vegan varieties menu during the class

Vegan Menus

  • Base Gede (Traditional Spices Paste): Aromatic traditional Balinese spice paste made with a blend of spices.
  • Gado Gado (Steamed Vegetables with Traditional Peanut Sauce): A popular Indonesian salad dish featuring an assortment of steamed vegetables with a tasty peanut sauce.
  • Opor Tempe (Balinese Tempe Curry): A rich curry dish made with tempeh in coconut milk with Balinese spices.
  • Bergedel (Fried Corn with Balinese Spice): Crispy corn fritters seasoned with traditional Balinese spices.
  • Tempe Asam Manis (Sweet Sour Tempe): Tempeh cooked in a sweet and tangy sauce.
  • Sate Lilit Vegan (Skewers from Potato): Vegan skewers made of potatoes.
  • Pisang Goreng or Bubur Injin (Banana Fritters or Black Rice Porridge): Crispy banana fritters with coconut and palm sugar or the sweet allure of black rice pudding, *based on availability.
vegan varieties menu during the class

The recipes, including iconic dishes like sate, gado-gado, and chicken curry, showcase the delicious flavors of the region.

The best part? These recipes are easy to follow, perfect for beginners in the kitchen.

Using common ingredients, you can easily replicate these dishes at home. And if you can’t find some ingredients

enjoying vegan balinese dishes after the class
grinding peanut sauce using mortar and pestle
black rice pudding to treat the end of the cooking class

Taman Dukuh Bali Cooking Class review: the chef and staff


It was really good experience. A good experience for family and individuals.

The staff were so friendly and engaging. The programs has a few segment and each segment connected to each nicely.

From the market to the farm tour and lastly cooking. To complete it all, we get to have what we cooked and I did amaze myself at some dishes.

The stuff attended to our needs when we were trying to get rid of mosquitoes. Despite the mosquitoes, the entire experience was worth while and my family loved it.

Arjun B

Joined the class on 2023.12.10

team of young chef at bali farm cooking school in Taman Dukuh

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