Afternoon Balinese Cooking Class in Ubud-Bali

Learn to cook authentic Balinese dishes using fresh, organic ingredients harvested right from the farm.

Afternoon Cooking Class

  • Pick-up time: 12:30 pm
  • Farm tours: 1:30 pm -> 2:15 pm
  • Class time: 2:30 pm -> 5:30 pm
  • Leaving the farm: 6:00 pm

Price: Rp 450.000

5hrs duration

Ubud free shuttle

Free CookBook

tailor to dietary needs

Class run in English

Bali Farm Cooking School | Balinese Cooking Class in Ubud
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taman dukuh afternoon cooking class

Learn to cook in the Afternoon at Taman Dukuh Cooking Class in Ubud

Experience the traditional Balinese way of cooking with our afternoon farm class on an organic farm in the village.

Learn to cook authentic Balinese dishes using fresh, organic ingredients harvested right from the farm.

This cooking class is perfect for those who want to learn more about Balinese culture and cuisine while surrounded by the beautiful and tranquil setting of the countryside.

Why choose the Afternoon Cooking Class?

  • Opportunity to learn and practice in a relaxed afternoon setting

  • More time to prepare and get ready for the class

  • Allows for a more leisurely morning routine in the center of Ubud
  • Opportunity to sleep in and get extra rest before the class

The afternoon cooking class commences at 12:30 pm. All you have to do is ensure that you join us at the designated meeting at (15 minutes before) 12:30 pm, we will transfer you to our farm kitchen.

how the Afternoon cooking class work

Free Shuttle Services is Included
Meet us at designated meeting point 15 minutes before 12:30 pm

free shuttle service from ubud

1. free shuttle is included from ubud designated meeting point

The day starts with our pick-up in Ubud meeting point at 12:30 pm

Meeting Time:
(15 minutes) before 12:30 pm

Meeting Point:
Pura Dalem Puri Peliatan

F7R9+8P2, Jalan Sukma Kesuma Jalan Raya Ubud Tebesaya, Petulu, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Location on map: ⇓

Or by own transportation / Don’t need pick-up:

If you have your own transportation, you can easily find your way to our farm.

Meeting Time:
(15 minutes) before 1:00 pm

Meeting Point:
Taman Dukuh Bali Farm Cooking School

Jl. Raya Banjar Jati, Taro, Kec. Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561

Location on map: ⇓

Welcome to our Farm Kitchen

It’s time to farm tours and cook! – From 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

taman dukuh farm tours and harvesting

2. The Organic Farm Tours

“From start to finish it was fantastic. …the staff were very knowledgeable on the farm tour explaining what they grow in great detail.”

Fiona Billington – Family Cooking

Our farm tours are a special and educational experience for visitors.

Led by our knowledgeable staff, the tour takes you on a journey through our organic farm, where you will learn about our sustainable farming practices in detail.

During the tour, you will get to pick your own vegetables from our garden, giving you a hands-on experience of dining straight from the farm.

While exploring the property, you will also gain knowledge about the different plants we grow, helping you understand the diverse ecosystem we have created.

taman dukuh hands-on cooking

3. The cooking Experience

“Many cooking classes don’t give you as much hands-on experience as you get with this class. Highly recommend if you are interested in not just cooking but the whole experience of food.

Watson – Family Cooking

You will have the opportunity to make delicious Balinese dishes from scratch.

The class is organized into pairs, and together you will prepare a total of 6 dishes – 2 appetizers, 3 main dishes, and 1 dessert.

The cooking experience is divided into sections. You will start by making the appetizers and then enjoy them before moving on to the main dishes.

This approach allows everyone to fully enjoy each course without feeling rushed.

The chefs are present to ensure that the flavors of each pair blend perfectly and they also add a touch of humor to keep the atmosphere light-hearted.

Different Diets

taman dukuh regular diet
taman dukuh vegan diet
taman dukuh vegetarian diet
taman dukuh meat lovers
taman dukuh pescatarian diet
taman dukuh other dietary

Different Spiciness

taman dukuh different spicy level

Best substitutes for food allergies to enjoy without any worries!

taman dukuh food substitute

Let’s get cook!

In afternoon cooking class, you have the chance to learn and create 6 different dishes plus 1 curry paste. During the various breaks, you will get to enjoy all the dishes that you have made yourself.

Start by two Appetizers

We will begin by making the famous Gado-Gado Salad with Peanut Sauce or Mix Vegetable Salad with Sambal Mbe.

This salad is made with fresh vegetables harvested from the garden. You can adjust the spiciness of the dressing (sambal mbe) for your sayur urab or your peanut sauce for your gado-gado.

Are you able to handle 5 chilies like the Balinese people do?

After this, you will learn how to make the perfect and delicous sweet and sour tempeh.

taman dukuh peanut sauce
gado-gado salad dish
taman dukuh sambal mbe
sayur urab salad dish
tempeh manis dish

Eat and Enjoy your first 2 Dishes

We will be sitting down and taking breaks to eat those 2 the deliciously prepared food along the way before we continue to next session!

first session break in taman dukuh cooking class

Now Let’s Make the Bumbu Bali Paste

We will guide you how to make authentic Balinese spice paste from scratch, with all fresh ingredients. This paste we are going to use on the different dishes later.

taman dukuh bumbu bali ingredients
taman dukuh grinding bumbu bali
taman dukuh bumbu bali paste

Let’s continue to cook the main dishes

On this session we will make different type of dishes according your food dietary. Either you choose the Non-Vegan or Vegan Versions, both will be fun and delicious. 

Meat lovers dishes

taman dukuh balinese chicken curry
taman dukuh bali satay lilit
taman dukuh balinese Chicken Sambal Matah

Vegan and Vegetarian dishes

taman dukuh balinese vegan curry
taman dukuh bali satay lilit vegan
taman dukuh balinese corn fritters

The grand finale, sweets dishes to end the Day

After completing the previous dishes, we hope you still have room for more because it’s time to discover the recipe for a beloved dessert called “Pisang Goreng” (Our Banana fritters with coconut and melted palm sugar) or “Bubur Injin” Black rice pudding (*it’ll be depending what’s available during the day).

taman dukuh pisang goreng or bubur injin

Eat and Enjoy your Dishes
It’s dinner time!

We will be sitting and taking the second breaks to eat all the deliciously prepared food along the way!

After the class, we will drop you off to Ubud. We’ll leave the farm at 6:00 pm

second session break in taman dukuh cooking class