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Every food connoisseur in the world has tasted the scrumptious Balinese dishes for sure. The Balinese cuisine features a diverse assortment of delicacies prepared carefully using fresh veggies, meat, fish and some exotic spices. You may not be aware, but Balinese cuisine being rich in terms of flavours garners the attention of foodies from all across the world. Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur, Babi Guling, Tahu and Tempe, Lawar and a multitude of other dishes are appreciated all across the globe for their unique and authentic taste.

Not just foodies, but those people who have a keen interest in learning the culinary art also enjoy reading and learning about the Balinese sweets and savouries. They connect with cooking classes to discover Balinese cooking methods, preparation of basic spices, and complete meals that tingles the taste buds of food lovers like no other.

Join Balinese Farm Cooking School- the Best Cooking Class Ubud

Just in case you too want to prepare Balinese cuisine just right, you can join an esteemed Bali cooking class named Balinese Farm Cooking School where you can you can relish a one of a kind learning experience. Not only you will learn cooking, but you will also grow your own organic ingredients in the real farms to cook everything fresh & flavorful. Being a part of the village community and learning to cook with the local chefs will take the overall cooking affair to a whole new height. Here’re the highlights of their cooking program-

  • Daily classes for regular, vegetarians and vegans
  • Get access to hands-on cooking experience
  • Harvest your own chemical-free ingredients
  • A small-group class is made to ascertain delivery of personalized experience
  • A free design apron and recipe book
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So, willing to get started? Visit the Website of Balinese Farm Cooking School to join the best vegetarian cooking class Ubud today.