Every cuisine brings along its own set of unique flavors and bliss. Some are famous for their distinct taste that strike the palate just right, while a few leave a subtle aftertaste that makes you feel happy about your existence and great choice.

Now, let’s talk about the cuisine which is loved all across the globe for its diverse and fresh appeal- Indonesian food. Balinese and other Indonesian dishes like Mie Goreng, Satay, Ayam Goreng, Soto and more are recognized for being exotic in every form; perhaps, this is the reason why people join a community-based cooking class Ubud and learn how to harvest fresh ingredients and prepare authentic Indonesian meals.

Today, we have curated three reasons that make Indonesian food one of a kind. Have a read and see if it compels you join a Bali cooking class –

3 Reasons that Make Indonesian Food a Treat

  • Vast, Flavor-loaded Culinary Options

Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or light snacks, you can find an eclectic selection of sweets and savories that will tingle your taste buds.

  • Fresh Flavors

Let’s be fair and give the credit of notable taste of Balinese and Indonesian dishes to fresh herbs and organic ingredients that are used at the time of meal preparation.

  • Spices and Flavors Aren’t Complicated

Many people love Balinese cuisine because the dishes are unique and absolutely uncomplicated. Flavors are often dense, but they don’t intersect which gives this culinary invention plain awesome.

If you want to know more about Balinese & Indonesian food or plan to learn cooking these, join a regular, vegan or vegetarian cooking class Ubud. One such class is Balinese Farm Cooking School where you can enjoy the best learning experience in real village community. You’ll learn growing your own organic ingredients and cooking delicious meals. For detailed info or to book a spot, visit Balifarmcooking.com now.