All those who have tasted yummilicious food from the land of Indonesia can vouch that the title of this post is apt. That the delicacies like bebek betutu, nasi goreng, sate ayam, babi guling, and many more, which are generally taught in a community-based Bali farm cooking school (like ours) taste exceptionally god and can instigate hunger more than one could ever imagine. Not to forget, these specialties look as scrumptious as they taste.


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From locals who are spell-bound by their traditional food to tourists who are curious to discover extraordinary culinary marvels, all take deep interest in Indonesian cuisine and knowing what makes Indonesian dishes plain awesome. Well, after careful consideration, our content curators have garnered five points that make Indonesian food unique & the best in class. Each point is coming from the expert chefs working with our Bali cooking class – have a quick read to know Balinese & Indonesian food better –

  •  Indonesian food tastes more or less like a beautiful blend of Indian and Thai cuisine. It’s original flavors ooze the bold use of spices, just like Indian food while the presence of coconut broth make it resemble a lot to Thai awesomeness.
  • Indonesian curries are always flavor-loaded, brimming with the freshness of herbs and loads of spices. These contribute in giving a unique taste to Indonesian food.


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  • Unlike the rest of the world, rice is deemed to be a primary part of Indonesian food.
  •  Indonesian dishes are considered ‘complete’ and ‘perfect’ when the eggs served along the main dishes are fully-cooked. Runny fried eggs are so not acceptable.
  •  If you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll find an assortment of Indonesian goodness to devour and revel in bliss. Desserts like Pisang lawe, Bubur sumsum, Klepon (sweet rice balls), daluman (chlorophyll jelly) and more are worth to die for.

That’s all for the day peeps. If you are interested to know more, you can connect with our team of regular and vegan cooking class in Ubud or enroll in a program to get started with a rewarding cooking journey. To reserve a spot, book here.