Do you love eating scrumptious, authentic Balinese dishes?

If nodding, we believe learning this widely-celebrated cuisine will also be a very fulfilling experience for you.

We at Balinese Farm Cooking School Ubud offer several top-notch programs that will help you master the art of Indonesian and Balinese cuisine. We are teaching hundreds of students how to prepare Balinese culinary marvels, and looking forward to take many of you on board for a new rewarding learning journey. Here’s why you can consider enrolling in our cooking class Ubud

  • We’ve Our Own Growth Farm

You read this right! We are the only cooking class in school with a vast and personalized growth farm. We teach students how to grow fresh and organic ingredients that can be added in multiple dishes to create an exotic flavor. We support healthy living and ideally impart our harvesting knowledge to help students consume fresh goodness!

  • We’ve An Authentic Local Setting

Ours is a village-based setting, where you can discover a very special opportunity of living with real farmers and experience community faming life. You can learn from experts who have hands-on knowledge of preparing flavor-loaded authentic food that taste supreme and beyond compare.

  • We’re Friendly and Helpful

Our team at vegetarian cooking class Ubud is expert and very jovial- we cherish sharing our art and expanding it to all parts of the globe. From locals to tourists, we allow every soul interested in Balinese cooking to join us and cook great meals with ease. Our friendly communication makes learning a more enjoyable experience.

If considering joining us, book your spot today! See you wish to join morning/afternoon or advanced class and reserve your place!