Learn the Secrets of Balinese Cuisine with Our Expert Chefs

Balinese Cuisine: All those who are interested to learn Balinese can consider joining our farm cooking class in Ubud. Cooking lip-smacking food is an art, and all those who are a deeply interested in mastering this art can practice much to prepare exceptional culinary marvels.

However, if you are keen to learn some international cuisine like Balinese, it is a bright idea to connect with professional chefs, as only they can pass on the knowledge of cooking traditional meals. Being natives, these cooking specialists know all about local flavors, authentic cookery methods, harvesting fresh ingredients and the secret recipes that are years old, passed by one generation to other.

All those who are interested to learn Balinese can consider joining our farm cooking class in Ubud which will help you soak a unique experience that you will cherish for lifetime. In our nice & intimate village-based setting, you can unlock the secrets of preparing a flavor-loaded Balinese meal that tastes no less than the goodness ordered from a leading restaurant.

Here’s what makes us the best cooking school in Ubud

Experience the Charm of Village Life


We promise you, learning Balinese and Indonesian cooking in our soothing village setting will be a memorable experience for you. You can explore our farms, markets and grow organic ingredients to prepare exotic delicacies.

We Offer Multiple Programs for Immense Flexibility


cooking class in Ubud

We understand that tourists and locals often struggle to opt for a vegetarian cooking class Ubud due to their busy schedule. This is the same reason why our team decided to launch three different programs to clear the confusion and make things easier.

We Offer Cook and Stay Program


We Offer Cook and Stay Program

If you are fascinated by village life and want to live in a village, we have got an amazing offer for you. If you opt for our cook and stay program, you will get the opportunity to spend a 1 day 1 night in our Taro located guest house. This will include a free and prompt pickup, tasty food, and complete cooking lessons. You can know more about this fantastic program here.

Contact us here +62 81239 534446 to know more or book your spot right here.

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