Be a Pro Chef – Join a Cooking School in Ubud

Embark on a culinary adventure – join a cooking school in Ubud! Explore the secrets of Balinese cuisine and elevate your cooking skills in paradise. Every person is different- no wonder their hobbies too are varied, and interesting too. Some love to play instruments, while a few find peace in sketching. Some are sports fanatics while certain people can’t get enough of soaking the magic weaved in words.

Similar to these, a fair fraction of population takes keen interest in learning the art of cooking. They aspire to be a professional chef and present some beautiful dishes. Learning various cuisines and techniques of food preparation is also a part and parcel of their wonderful journey. So, in case you to dream to be a chef someday soon and happen to be in Bali, you can join a community cooking school in Ubud and embrace the knowledge of Balinese cuisine.

Why Join a Community Cooking Class in Ubud?

Short Answer- Because it is going to be a truly rewarding experience!

Long Answer- Because a community-based farm cooking school will give you a unique opportunity to be a part of a traditional village community and learn Balinese cuisine while caring for the environment. Enrolling in such a program will let you make a positive difference in the people of village. Moreover, you’ll learn how to harvest fresh organic ingredients which you can further use in preparing mouth-watering Balinese specialties.

Balinese Farm Cooking School is one such cooking class available for regular, vegans and vegetarians. The class operates in small groups, so you can enjoy a personalized experience. Free pickup, organic farm walk tour, free recipe book and experiencing the local market are yet other highlights that make Balinese Farm Cooking School the best vegan cooking class in Ubud. To get detailed info or to make a reservation today online, visit

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