Any person who has a foodie soul should try Balinese cuisine at least once in their lifetime. Once you tasted, we bet, there is no looking back! The subtle and refreshing taste of Balinese food spell-bounds to every folk of gourmet breed, and so, it is safe to say that if you’ll master the art of cooking Balinese meals, you are going to ignite for yourself a chain-reaction of never-ending compliments.

Why Join a Bali Cooking Class?

Dishes like gado-gado, serapah penyu, bubur sumsum, nasi ayam and many more considered to be all time favorite of food connoisseurs. The vivid and appetizing assortment of these and many other Balinese dishes hit the palate just right, and if you join some cooking class in Ubud, you will get a chance to prepare all these with utmost ease.

However, to get the best experience of learning these culinary delights, it is a bright idea to join community-based cooking class where you can learn how to harvest organic ingredients on your own. Learning in a community-setting will give you a rewarding opportunity to have a glimpse of village life. There, you can step closer to the nature, enjoy organic farm walk tour, grow herbs and other ingredients, prepare indigenous spices, soak the knowledge about cooking methods and so on.

Depending upon your personal preference, you can either join regular program or a complete vegetarian cooking class in Ubud to get hands-on cooking experience. If you wish to join the best class in Ubud, connect with us at Balinese Farm Cooking School. We are leading, as well as the only cooking class in Ubud having own growth farm. Our local chefs know how to shape future Balinese master-chefs! To know more details, check our website