Cook and Stay Program – Highlights You Need to Know

As many of you might be aware, we at Balinese Farm Cooking School Ubud offer the most comprehensive Cook and Stay program to help tourists learn traditional Balinese cuisine. So if you are interested to enroll and become aware about the rich and vivid culinary heritage of Bali, you can be our guest and we would love to treat you like a royalty. This blog highlights what makes our Cook and Stay program so special and worth being a part of. Have a quick read and reserve your spot right now –

What to Expect from the Program

• Get ready to be in a one of a kind regular and vegan cooking class Ubud that would help you soak the charm of countryside.

• You get to stay in village and explore the lifestyle of locals alongside learning their authentic recipes and cooking methods.

• Participate in local community and learn how to prepare spices and other delicacies which you cannot  learn easily without joining a vegetarian cooking class in Ubud.

Culinary Retreat Package: Family Stay and Market Visit

• The package includes 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, all cooking class inclusion and 1 night stay with family.

• A sweet and comforting visit to local market.

• Learning from expert chefs

• A free apron and recipe book as goodies- you can take them to your home!

Experience Balinese Way of Life: Cook and Stay Program Details

Being a part of our Cook and Stay program is a great way to immerse yourself in Balinese way of life and understand its beautiful culture. The duration of this program is one day and one night; one can check in after 2 PM. If you want to explore more and more detailed information, please visit our comprehensive package details here and get started.

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